Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I met Her

      Finally i met her..I went to her house....i waited for 10, dress up nicely. First thing we said was "HI"...we going to have we went to one new shopping mall far away from her house. We chated for a while and i knew she will tell me how she fell now. She wanted to cry....she said she still love him...what she going to do now.....In my heart, make me thinking of the day she left me..same feeling as her now.
     We had our launch at one of the Japanese shop inside the shopping mall. We were there almost two hour..
     She keep on repeating the same things......I don't know how to advice her. I felt sad also when i saw her like this.
    We went shopping. She brought lot of things.. I wanted to buy something to her but I started thinking my girlfriend. So i did't buy it.
My friends called. Actually my friends and I supposed to meet up. I tried to cancel the meeting but it was too late.
So i have no choice. I and my ex-girlfriend meet my friends on that night. All of them were shock...I explained to them she is not my girlfriend but i knew they felt very wierd.
I sent her back. it almost 12 midnight...and I went back to my house. I could't sleep that night... I've been thinking of her... I started to miss her more and more.....
The next day i still had the same feeling...Im asking my self why? So i decided to meet her in the afternoon. I knew if i didn't see her i will miss her.. So i went to her house. What happened next?......

Thursday, July 15, 2004


I received an email from her...the mail goes like this
"i'm coming back home tonite...
somemore thing to tell u....he dumped me :(i've broke up ...n this is y i'm coming home tonite.....i have a long from work......i'm so sad.....really really hurt!!!!!
call me call me...i wait for u call!!!
love'her name' "
She broke up with her boyfriend. So what i suppose to do..I still miss her... but she knew i have a girlfriend...Im a bad person huh? Talking about my girlfriend, she is a good personI have been with her for almost 3 years. My relationship with her is like i need to responsible to her. but the "love feeling" is not as much as my ex girlfriendso responsible vs love....
This week i need to meet my ex...what happen next................

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Put my brain in words

First of all, this is the first time im writing a blog.
I have been thinking it since last year. Im going to write in
simple english since my english is quite bad.
Sometimes i want to express something but people around me
might not understand what im trying to say. So here is a good
place to start. So i can feel better.

Today is a very special day because my ex- girlfried birthday.
She can't be contacted since yesterday because i lost her contact.
I have no idea why i still miss her. I can't tell other people that i stiil
miss her. I only keep it to myself.

To be continue.......